Can Our Marriage Be Saved? Part 2

Dare Statements

Who feels romantic when your world is crashing in?

Is there anything you can do to alleviate the pressures? To stop blaming each other for all that’s going wrong?

From experience, I unequivocably say, “Yes, together you can lighten the load and make things better. You and your mate can team up, instead of teaming against each other.” And it isn’t as as complicated as you might think. Today, I’ll share a couple of my more powerful secrets. In Part Three, I’ll get into some fun stuff.

Can Our Marriage Be Saved? Part 1

Invest in Your Marriage

Marriage issues often sneak up on us — and it’s no wonder. We’re so busy trying to get through each day, we can miss the signs.

Attempts at avoidance fill our time: screaming children, late appointments, empty refrigerators, broken appliances, messed up vehicles, and looming bills are common distractions smothering our souls with anxiety. Is it any wonder we want to escape and play with our friends? Who has time or mindset for romance, emotional intimacy, or quality time?

You Were Made to Shine

You Were Made to Shine

Every baby born on this Earth, including you and me, is made on purpose. We exist for a specific reason. Part of the adventure of living is to discover what we’re supposed to do, and to go after it with everything within us.

Our talents are never just about us, they are more about glorifying God and helping others, but by doing so, we get a special gift money can’t buy — a feeling that gives you a high bigger than any drug on the planet.